Valley Neuro/Microneurosurgery, S.C.


Proceedings, Presentaions & Abstracts

1. K.S Paul, Micahel Saloman, Fred Geiser, and Jonathon Greenberg


        Early Syringomyelia Following Penetrating Spine Trauma: Clinical 

        Presentation and Treatment with CO2 Laser Syringomyelia


        36th Annual Meeting-Congress of Neurological surgeons, New Orleans, Louisana

        September 14-19, 1986

2. P.A. Stanworth, J. Dutton, K.S. Paul, R. Fawcitt and E.T. Whalley

        Prostacyclin: A New Treatment of Vasospasm Associated with

        Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

        Society of British Neurological Surgeons Meeting, Athens, Greece

        September 19, 1986

3. K.S. Paul, and E.T. Whalley


        Mechanism of the Contractive Action of Prostacyclin, Possible

        role in Regulation of Normal Arterial Tone in Cerebral Vessels

        8th International Congress of Neurological Surgery, Toronto, Canada

        July 7-13m 1985

4. K.S. Paul, E. Howard, D. Barns, H. Whitwell and J. Dutton


        Progestrone Receptors in Meningioma

        Society of British Neurological Surgeons Meeting, Southhampton,England

         April 1983

5. K.S Paul, R.H.Lye, E.T. Whalley and J. Dutton


        Do Prostaglandins Maintain Normal Tone in Cerebral Vessels

        Society of British Neurological Surgeons Meeting Leeds, England

        September 1982

6. K.S. Paul,  E.T. Whalley, C. Foster and R.H. Lye

        Relaxant and Contracile Effects of Prostenoids on Human Basilar Artery

        in Vitro

        V International Conference on Prostaglandins, Abst. Page 787, Florence, Italy

        May 1982

7. C. Forster, E.T. Whalley and K.S Paul


        Interaction of Prostenoids and Fibrinogens Degradation Products on Human

        Basilar Artery in Vintro

        V International Conference on Prostaglandins, Abst. Page 788, Florence, Italy

        May 1982

8. K.S Paul, E.T. Whalley, C. Foster, R.H. Lye and J. Dutton


        Effects of Prostacyclin on Human Basilar Artery in Vitro: Relevance to

        Treatmentof Cerebral Arterial Spasm

        International Symposium on Cerebral Vascular Diease. New Trends in Surgrical and

        Medical Aspects, Gardone Riviera, Italy

        July 1981

9. J. Dutton, C. Foster, K.S. Paul, and E.T. Whalley

        Effects of Various Prostenoids on the in Vitro Human Basilar Artery:

        Relevance to Artiology and Treatment of Cerebral Arterial Spasm

        British Pharmacology Society Meeting, Bradford, England

        March 1981