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Patient Testimonials

"Interactions with Dr. Paul were nothing less than great. He instantly showed his concern and determination to help you. I was truly blessed to choose him as my doctor. Very clean, sanitary, and very well organized office and staff. Communication and promptness was and is very important to Dr. Paul, which he projects onto his staff. I would and have recommended Dr. K. Paul and his staff to others that need help to feel better and have a better outlook on life. Dr. Paul is very compassionate and also researches all areas to help figure out the patient's best program for recovery. I am very thankful to Dr. Paul and staff for taking the very best care of me"
Diana C. 6/30/2014
"Dr. Paul answered all our questions. He was very courteous and professional while also giving us confidence to undergo the procedure. He was a calming presence. All went according to the plan Dr. Paul devised. Tremors and rigidity greatly reduced. Significant improvement."
Michael C. 4/9/2014
"Dr. Kamaljit Paul has helped me considerably, starting with my ability to get around without having to worry if my back ws going to give out, and also a brighter outlook on life in general. I am very thankful that Dr. Paul was around to help."
Anonymous 11/22/2013
"Dr. Paul is the best surgeon I have ever had. I like the way he explains everything to me so I understand what is happening to me. I have recommended him to one family member and he has already had his surgery and is back to work."
Anonymous 10/24/02013
"The best in the Midwest I think!! A wonderful doctor and man. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for making me well. Thank you so much. My life will be better soon."
Anonymous 10/01/2013
"Dr. Paul came out to bring me back to his office, not an examination room, an office. Never have I ever had that kind of greeting!! Awesome place. Highly recommend. Very complete office visit."
Linda 11/14/2013
"I refer many to Dr. Paul. He has my faith and respect. I would not trust anyone else with my back issues."
Stephanie K. 4/30/2014
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If you would like to complete a patient testimonial, please contact April at    (920) 223-0552 or