Valley Neuro/Microneurosurgery, S.C.

Dr. Paul treats the following diseases and conditions: 
Annular tears
Arnold Chiari malformation
Brain tumors
Brain contusions
Carpal tunnel
Cervical prolapsed intervertebral disc
Cervical spondylosis
Compression fractures of the spine due to  Osteoporisis
Degenerative disc disease
Depressed skull fracture
Discongenic pain syndrome
Head injury
Herniated disks
Intra-cranial aneurysm
Intra-cranial hematomas
Parkinson's Disease
Pituitary tumors
Prolapsed intervebral disc
Rheumatoid arthritis
Seizure disorders
Spinal compression fractures
Spinal injury
Spinal stenosis
Spinal tumors
Subluxation spine fracture
Chronic spine instability
Trigeminal neuralgia

If you have any questions about these diseases/conditions, please consult our office.