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Newspaper Articles

"And the Hip Bone Replaces the Neck Bone"

        The Post Crescent, Appleton.                                          September 14, 1986

"Neck Injury Victim Walks Again"

        The Post Crescent, Appleton.                                            August 27, 1988

"Berlin Woman Battles Rheumatoid Arthritis"                    

        The Oshkosh Northwestern                                               June 4, 1989

"Surgery Relieves Pain of Facial Nerve Disorder"

        The Reporter                                                                   May 22, 1991

"Doctor Eases Back Surgery"

        The Oshkosh Northwestern                                               February 5,1992

"New Back Operation Eases Woman's Pain"

        The Oshkosh Northwestern                                             October 20,1992

"Procedure Ends the Pain-Ending the Pain"

        The Oshkosh Northwestern                                               May 24,1994

"Surgical Implant Helps Relieve the Pain"

        The Post Crescent, Appleton.                                            October 7,1994

"New Procedure Brings Relief to Back Pain"

        The Post Crescent, Appleton.                                            February 20, 1997

"Mercy Tries New Technique for Pain"

        The Oshkosh Northwestern                                               March 7, 1998

"Unless You See It, You Won't Believe It"

        The Oshkosh Northwestern                                               April 15, 1998

"The Cutting Edge - A New Approach"

        The Fox Magazine                                                           June 1998

"Heal with Heat"

        The Oshkosh Northwestern                                              September 3, 1999

"Back Pain Sufferers Warm Up To New Type of Treatment"

        The Post Crescent, Appleton.                                           September 7, 1999

"Spinal Expert Takes on State of the Art Procedure"

        'Spectrum' The Post Crescent, Appleton.                         January 30, 2000

"Chance at Change"

        The Post Crescent, Appleton.                                           April 21, 2000